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Hi Sunshine! I'm Hillary-Kate Kotwal


The story starts with a dream to be a zookeeper for giraffes and continues with making people's charcuterie dreams come true. As a pre-med student weary of the sight of blood, I thought nursing would do the trick. I actually was required to take a nutrition class, and that's where I found out that we could both prevent and treat disease with nutrition. After a few degrees and an internship later, I became a Registered and Licensed Dietitian.


I opened up a private practice, Essential Family Nutrition in April 2017 and it followed me where I went. Now located in Sealy, TX as the wellness ministry of First United Methodist Church, Essential Family Nutrition, LLC serves the people Austin County, TX for all nutrition needs. Graze & Peace is a God given and driven business. Enjoy carefully crafted charcuterie creations with an emphasis on healthy. Or book an appointment with a Registered Dietitian.


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