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Hi Sunshine! I'm Hillary-Kate Kotwal


The story starts with a dream to be a zookeeper for giraffes and continues with making people's charcuterie dreams come true. As a pre-med student weary of the sight of blood, I thought nursing would do the trick. I actually was required to take a nutrition class, and that's where I found out that we could both prevent and treat disease with nutrition. After a few degrees and an internship later, I became a Registered and Licensed Dietitian.


I opened up a private practice, Essential Family Nutrition in April 2017 and it followed me where I went. Now located in Sealy, TX as the wellness ministry of First United Methodist Church, Essential Family Nutrition, LLC serves the people Austin County, TX for all nutrition needs. Graze & Peace is a God given and driven business. Enjoy carefully crafted charcuterie creations with an emphasis on healthy. Or book an appointment with a Registered Dietitian.

Local Artisans in Graze & Peace

Brazos River Honey
Tip Top Woodshop
The Muddy Bee Co.
Down to Earth Soap Co.
The Bookmark Shop
Little Ray of Pitch Black Designs
Bombs Away

Bravo Charlie Tallow
Dapper Goat Dairy {coming soon}
Four Loaves {coming soon}
That Elderberry Chick {coming soon}
Liberty Oaks Homestead
we are always looking for more...

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